Mother Seton Info


A loving community, rich with traditions and friendships, often lasts far beyond the school years. In our child-centered classrooms, teachers model kindness, compassion, and respect for each child as a unique person with an individual pattern of development. Our age-appropriate curriculum allows children to explore and create through center activities, interaction with nature, tactile experiences, long-term projects, and imaginary play. In this

Catholic School, where all faiths are welcome, children discover the inherent goodness in all that they are as part of God’s creation.


 The preschool follows the same calendar schedule as the elementary school.

  • Students must be at least 3 years old by August 1 and potty trained. 
  • We offer 3 or 5 day programs. 
  • The Preschool hours are 7:55 AM to 2:45 PM
  • The Preschool doors open at 7:30 AM
  • Extended Day Care is available at an additional fee.
    • Available each day from 6:30-7:30 AM and 3:00-6:00 PM in the Preschool classroom.
    • The cost $4.00 per hour.
    • Children must be registered ahead of time for Extended Day Care.


At this age, children develop skills and concepts at their own unique pace. At Mother Seton Preschool, teachers guide students’ learning through exploration and discovery at centers and group activities. In addition, children have the opportunity to create projects of interest, allowing for self-direction in their learning environment.



  • Knowledge of God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and other Saints
  • Awareness of Holy Days and Liturgical Seasons
  • Displaying God’s love in our school

Social and Emotional Development

  • Self concept
  • Self direction
  • Social Relationships

Physical Development

  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Health, personal hygiene, and safety

Language and Literacy

  • Listening Comprehension
  • Oral communication
  • Vocabulary
  • Phonological awareness
  • Letter and word recognition
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Emergent Writing


  • Understanding and usage of simple words and phases

Visual Art

  • Using artistic tools
  • Expression through creativity

Mathematics and Reasoning

  • Number concepts
  • Shape recognition
  • Spatial awareness
  • Patterns and sorting
  • Measurement
  • Logic

Social Studies

  • Families and communication
  • Geography and maps
  • Civics and economics
  • History


  • Scientific reasoning
  • Life science
  • Physical science
  • Earth science


  • Rhythm patterns
  • Melody and song phrases


Mother Seton contracts with Food Service Consultants to provide daily hot lunch for our students. The cost of lunch is not included in tuition. Preschool students may purchase lunch at school or may bring their lunch from home. Milk and water are also available.