Mother Seton Preschool

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Effective: January 21, 2020

Dear Parents,

We know each January you consider carefully many pertinent details before registering your child for the next Academic Year in Mother Seton Preschool—and this year they include:

  • The necessity of the 3% increase in tuition for 2020-2021 needed to meet a 3% increase in the salary and benefit package offered to our faculty and staff by the Archdiocesan Education Office. This results in a tuition rate for Preschool families of $ 3,266 (11 payments of $296.91) for the three day a week program and $ 4,938 (11 payments of $ 448.91) for the five day a week program.
  • The requirement that all families remain enrolled with the FACTS Payment Program, to cover all potential programmatic costs with a single account (i.e. Seton Regional Catholic School, Mother Seton Pre-School as well as use of the Extended Day Care Programs or other incidental costs).
  • The three-tiered registration timeline
    • From January 26th to February 7th—since your family has children currently enrolled in Seton Regional Catholic School or Mother Seton Preschool, you will be among the first able to register.
    • From February 10th to 24th — new Catholic families, registered parishioners in the Regional School’s sponsoring parishes (St. Peter, St. Robert Bellarmine, & St. Elizabeth Ann Seton) will be able to register their children.
    • From February 24th on — finally any other new families, unaffiliated with any of the sponsoring parishes (be they Catholic or not) will be able to register children also.
  • The fact that for any registration to be considered complete, all forms must be filed online, with all information requested provided, and within ten days a nonrefundable registration fee of $100 per student be paid through FACTS incidental billing.

If you have any registration difficulties or questions please contact the School Office at 636-946-6716.

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  • ENROLL BY CLICK HERE… Begins January 26, 2020
  • Pay $100 nonrefundable registration fee per student be paid through FACTS incidental billing. 
  • ** NEW ONLY** Immunization/ Health Form 
  • **NEW ONLY** Birth Certificate