E.D.C Program Information

Program Information: 


  • 6:30am- 7:30am.
  • Light breakfast provided.
  • Children may play board games, color, do puzzles, card games, read, do homework, or talk quietly with friends.
  • Location. Cafeteria
  • Entrance: All parents and students must enter at the cafeteria door between the garden area and pavilion. 


  • Snacks provided for all students.
  • Children participating in after-school enrichment activities go directly to Aftercare at the end of their activity. Children are supervised at all times. Parents do not need to notify the E.D.C. Coordinator; this information is communicated directly to the staff. 


  • Students stay in Mrs. Raker’s classroom [308C] for indoor and outdoor play, crafts, and activities. 
  • Supervision ratio is 10:1, with a minimum of 2 caregivers present at all times. 
  • Pre-school parents enter the building at the secured door in the preschool wing to sign-out children.

Elementary [K-8th]

  • Students go directly to the school gym or cafeteria at 3:00pm.
  • Elementary students are placed into groups by age. Groups have time for indoor and outdoor play, snacks, homework, crafts, and activities. Other spaces on campus, such as the gym, cafeteria, picnic pavilion, garden, etc. are available to the students during Aftercare.
  • Elementary parents enter the building at the front office door to sign-out children. 

If children are playing outside when parents arrive for pickup, parents are asked to still come inside for sign-out.