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Virtual Event


We are planning a virtual event that will be held on February 12, 2021 called Salud To Seton. This event is to help replace some of the money lost this year with the cancellation of the Seton Carnival and the Toast for Tech fundraisers. Missing those 2 events is roughly a $100K hit to the budget.

The event will feature silent auction items and recorded material from the kids [ie dances and songs], as well as testimonies from our principal, teachers, and priests. We will also be advertising individuals, organizations, and companies who have sponsored this event, throughout the program.

If you want to make a difference and/or love our school/school community, we can use your help! We are looking for baskets for donations, bigger live auction items [ex. condos, trips, etc], and many different sponsorship levels.
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Here’s to Supporting Seton! Salud! 

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COVID-19 School Policies

The safety and well-being of our students, staff, and their families are our first priority, while keeping in mind the complex and unique needs of the educational process.

Please understand that this pandemic situation is ever-evolving; which will require us to be prepared for various degrees of response. Here is the latest version since AUG 01, 2020


Distant Learning Expectations

Should we have a time of temporary school closure, we will work with parents to continue the learning process through distance learning. Distance learning cannot replace the valuable learning experiences that take place in the classroom each day; but is meant to continue the learning process in a modified manner 

Clicking the link below, you will find an outline for daily expectations for student learning, opportunites to communicate with teachers, and guidelines that may be helpful to support your children at home.  

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About Us: 

Our Philsophy and Mission

As a Christ-centered school, we believe in providing a safe, loving, and encouraging environment where all children can learn and grow in both faith and academics. We do so, with family partnership, by committing ourselves to the following:

–to affirm students’ basic goodness, to promote their dignity,

–to honor their fundamental rights, and to help them develop their gifts to the fullest.

–to educate children to live responsibly, with God’s help, for the fullness of life that God wills for each of us.

–and to convince and mold these young people to live as if their lives are worthwhile and have significant purpose.

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